Marketable – Ep 4 – A Breath of Fresh ‘Air’

About the episode

This episode of Marketable, a Notice Pictures podcast, discusses the movie “Air” directed by Ben Affleck and starring Matt Damon. The podcast explores the movie’s themes of marketing, storytelling, and taking risks in the business world.



– Discussing the movie “Air”

– Exploring the themes of marketing and storytelling in the movie

– The importance of taking risks in business



Takeaway 1: The importance of bold choices and storytelling in marketing

In the episode, the Jeff and Ryan discussed the significance of making bold choices and incorporating storytelling in marketing campaigns. Using the example of Nike’s successful partnership with Michael Jordan, they highlighted how taking risks and crafting a compelling narrative can lead to breakthrough success for a brand.

Ryan mentioned, “you got to take big swings when you’re at the plate, but that doesn’t mean doing it blindly.” Jeff agreed, stating that “the fine line between a foul ball and a home run, it’s minuscule,” emphasizing the importance of keeping an eye on the ball and adjusting marketing campaigns based on real-time feedback and metrics.

Jeff and Ryan also touched upon the movie Air, which showcased the power of storytelling in marketing. Ryan said, “We know that good products don’t necessarily rise, but good storytelling always does. If you root your product in solid storytelling…it seems much more unlikely that that product isn’t going to resonate as well.”


Takeaway 2: The impact of influencers and the changing landscape of marketing

The hosts also discussed the growing use of influencers and lifestyle brands in marketing. They pointed out that the market has become saturated, making it more challenging for brands to differentiate themselves and connect with their target audience.

Jeff noted that companies are now targeting relationships with influencers for various products, stating, “it’s not only spreading over athletes, it’s influencers, it’s lifestyle brand people with a lifestyle brand.” This highlights the shift in marketing strategies and the importance of having a compelling narrative around a product to make it stand out.

Ryan added that in today’s marketing environment, it’s essential to take big swings while remaining authentic and organic. They elaborated, “as long as it’s good storytelling, then it seems much more unlikely that that product isn’t going to resonate as well. Because that’s what we’re connecting with. We’re not connecting with the product, we’re connecting with the story.”


Takeaway 3: The role of meta-marketing and creative risk-taking

Jeff and Ryan explored the concept of meta-marketing and the importance of taking creative risks to make a lasting impact. They highlighted the example of Nike’s decision to pay the fines for Michael Jordan wearing non-compliant shoes, which created a buzz around the brand and contributed to its success.

Ryan said, “it’s the shoe itself and the shoe on the star’s foot on TV, on the court. But then the announcers are also saying…Nike apparently is picking up the bill every game.” This meta-marketing approach helped create an organic and authentic connection with the audience, making the product more desirable.

In conclusion, the hosts emphasized the importance of bold choices, storytelling, and creative risk-taking to stand out in today’s competitive marketing landscape. By embracing these strategies, brands can create compelling narratives that resonate with their target audience and drive success.


Insights surfaced

– The movie “Air” focuses on the origin story of Michael Jordan choosing Nike as his shoe of choice when the brand was still relatively unknown in the basketball world.

– The movie highlights the importance of taking big risks in business, as Nike did when they signed Michael Jordan.

– Storytelling and having a larger narrative around a product can be a key factor in its success.


Key quotes

– “We’re not connecting with the product, we’re connecting with the story.”

– “You have to find the story to sell to the talent, to say, like, this is why we connect with you and why you can connect with us.”

– “As marketing professionals, it’s like, we’ve got to take big swings, but always with our eye on the ball all the way through so that we can guarantee that whatever it is that we’re trying to produce ends up being a home run.”

– “If this is how we can do some quiet, still very exciting storytelling, then maybe they’re finding a playbook that works.”

– “The fine line between a foul ball and a home run, it’s minuscule.”