Using Video To Create Brand Empathy, Pt. 2: Casting

In our continuing series, we look at the power of casting to exhibit and elicit brand empathy.

Video has become a powerful tool for brands to connect with their customers on an emotional level, in the same way as TV series and movies do. By creating videos that are entertaining and engaging, brands are able to create a memorable experience that builds a relationship with their customers.. It allows companies to tell stories that evoke empathy and understanding in their viewers. We’re seeing brands doing this by utilizing the power of inclusive casting of actors to feature diverse voices in their videos. This helps to create a level of understanding and relatability that goes beyond the traditional marketing message.

In addition to inclusive casting, we’re always encouraging our clients to to use more authentic voices to speak to the realities of the world and how they relate to the organization’s products, values, and mission. With visual storytelling, brands have the opportunity to create engaging stories that delve into the real-world issues their customers face and make connections to how their products and services help to address those issues.

For example, on a recent shoot for a video that would herald the expansion of a companies manufacturing and distribution facility, we pulled a number of employees for interviews. Yes, the CEO came down from HQ to speak on-camera, and we had the project managers, operations leadership, and engineers to explain the journey of making this initiative a reality. But what was most impactful was talking to the folks that are going to be working there every day. They talked about the pride they had that their facility had been chosen for expansion, because their success had been noticed, appreciated, and earned the trust of leadership. They talked about how much they love the company, and how this expansion was going to bring more jobs to their community.

Expansion and growth are exciting, but pride of ownership and a sense that a company cares about the community and its employees at every level…that’s powerful! It all starts by being intentional about the people you choose to represent your brand. Whether that’s casting an actor or finding real-world stories that relate to their mission, companies can create meaningful content that resonates with their customers and enhances their brand image.